Chris Gibson











Chris is a musician, composer, and teacher with over 25 years of experience. He has devoted himself to expanding his music experience by participating in a diverse range of music projects involving multimedia, film soundtracks, theater, dance and live performance.

He is a member of the following groups: Tuning the AirThe Atomic Chamber Ensemble, The League of Crafty Guitarists North America, and Lost Pedro. In 1997, Chris attended Cornish College of the Arts Jazz Program.

During this time he also began his participation in Guitar Craft courses directed by guitarist Robert Fripp. In these intensive seminars, he learned the use of a new standard tuning (C G D A E G) and was introduced to specific techniques including collective improvisations known as Circulations. As an extension of his involvement in Guitar Craft, he has also been an integral part of Seattle Circle since 1997. He completed the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program in 2013.

Chris is now accepting students for Guitar, Piano and Bass Guitar. He is also available for Composition and Orchestration coaching.

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Evan McPherson











A Cornish College of the Arts graduate, Evan McPherson is recognized in the Pacific Northwest as a virtuoso musician and composer. He has performed in major cities throughout the US and provides solo guitar music for most any mood or genre. He offers private instruction for Guitar and Bass Guitar in music basics through the latest styles and techniques.

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